Reasons Why Semalt Is So Successful

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Semalt: Who Are They?
  3. What Do They Do?
  4. How Does It Affect You?
  5. Why Are They Successful?
  6. Conclusion


The success of any company lies in the perception of its customers and the public at large. If a company sees itself as successful but is not considered such in the eyes of its customers and its environment, then success is most likely not the name for its performance. 

Semalt has been running since 2013, currently has over 120 members from various team departments, and has more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) clients from all over the world. They also offer several packages that are aimed at developing and bringing their customers' online businesses to a new level by increasing their income. They also work towards inspiring people to bring their ideas to life and be a step ahead in their business. 

But as we mentioned, though Semalt seems like a successful business, is it? And if it is, what makes it so successful? In this guide, the idea behind Semalt would be revealed, as well as their values, packages, benefits, pros, and cons. 

Semalt: Who Are They?

Semalt is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company that provides automated SEO tools and services to customers. This is so that their customers can possess a search-engine visible online business, more sales, and increased revenue. Founded by four members in September 2013 including Iurii Iakovenko and Sergey Larikov, they are known to help businesses by providing different SEO services and tools. Some of these tools are free for clients (like the website analyzer which analyzes a website to suit a Semalt package to the client's needs). And some are paid for. In the next section, the different tools they offer would be better explained. 

What Do They Do?

There are about six packages that Semalt offers clients. And these five can either be purchased independently or used together. For clients or businesses that do not know what packages they need, Semalt also offers a free SEO consultation to visitors. This is so that they can be guided on what their website lacks plus what it needs to stay on top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and generate more sales (and revenue). 

The six packages that Semalt offers include Auto SEO, Full SEO, Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD), Reseller Program, SEO API, and Website Analysis.

Auto SEO

This tool helps customers to improve google rankings and increase website traffic without spending too much money. It includes keyword research, link building, website audit, troubleshooting of website errors, SEO expert support, and a full report sent to the client personally through the mail in PDF or CSV formats. The main goal for Auto SEO is to make the website more friendly and trustworthy, visible, and easy to find by new visitors. Small businesses, startups, resellers, and other SEO agencies can benefit from this package. 

Full SEO

This package grows the customer base of the website and boosts revenue by using advanced internal and external optimization measures. This is more detailed than the Auto SEO. It also includes keyword research, link building, website audit (on an advanced level), troubleshooting of website errors, and comprehensive SEO support. An added feature of this tool is content writing. The main goal is to help expand the customer base of the client's website, gain a competitive edge, have a Google-friendly website, and increase sales/revenue. 

Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD)

This is an advanced and comprehensive SEO audit and web analytics platform that enables a business to provide its clients with advanced analytics services. It is mainly to boost a client's online business revenue by providing free and effective SEO analytics tools. And it would help to increase the number of loyal clients, sales, and revenue. Some of the packages involved include Google SERP analysis, Technical SEO audit, and SEO reports. 

Reseller Program

This program helps customers and businesses to earn money by reselling high-quality SEO services. The way this works is that the reseller company finds clients that are interested in SEO, then they launch their customer's SEO campaigns. After this, they receive the results from the projects, create white-label report templates, resolve issues with Semalt's support service, and then they keep the customer's campaigns going. 


This allows instant access to Semalt's SEO data through the API interface. Their API includes Keyword research API, SERP API, Competitor Intelligence API, and personal support. 

Website Analysis

This tool helps to analyze business websites so that they can learn how to improve their user experience and Google rankings. Their analysis includes rank tracking, website audits, page speed analyzer, frequently sent personalized reports, white-label reports, and API. With this tool, businesses can track their website performance, achieve a Google-friendly website, gain a competitive edge, and share their analytics data.  

How Does It Affect You?

Though it has been mentioned in the previous section amid the packages that Semalt provides, it could have been skipped. Therefore, below are the ways (highlighted) Semalt can influence your online business:
  • Improvement of Google Rankings which helps to increase business visibility
  • They help to drive more traffic to a business's website.
  • They make a website more friendly and trustworthy.
  • Growth of a business's customer base.
  • They help to boost sales and revenue.
  • They assist a business in gaining a competitive edge.
  • Increase in a business's loyal clients.
  • Improvement of a website's user experience.

Why Are They Successful?

Recall that despite a company's excellent services, it is only tagged as 'successful' if its customers attest to it. With that knowledge, what makes Semalt such a success in the eyes of its customers and its environment? Below are a few reasons why Semalt is so successful.
  1. They are Reliable: One of the reasons that Semalt has stood higher than their competitors is because their customers trust and rely on them to help manage, track, monitor their websites. Not only is the company then viewed as just a service bought, but they are also seen as a help and a business partner that is interested in the success of their online business. 
  2. Fast and Real Results: Another reason they are still so successful is that they have many good reviews and testimonies online about how their services (truly) provide the benefits they promised. Many of their clients have testified that they not only see an increase in traffic but also in sales and revenue. That's the goal of every business anyway, to make money. 
  3. Services are Affordable: Despite the many services they offer, clients can always find one that suits their budget. On every tool/service, there are free-trial, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum quote packages. This means that their clients are free to choose any quote and provide the best service for their website without breaking their banks. Also, some services are free for visitors such as SEO consultation, website analysis, and others. 
  4. They are Accessible: Customer support service is very important to every business and some of the most successful businesses have a 24 / 7 active customer support team. The same applies to Semalt. They are easily reachable through their website, mail, physical address, and phone number. This makes it very easy for their clients to reach them concerning any issue that might arise at any given time. 
  5. Transparency: Semalt offers multiple services and tools to businesses of different scales online, to help improve their rankings among other things. And with every one of these services, they give reports back to their clients so that they too can be aware of what is going on - in readable formats. These reports can be downloaded in a different format by the client and there is no room for shady practices. 
  6. Growth: Another reason Semalt remains on top of the charts is that they keep growing. This means that they stay on their toes for new developments and adjust accordingly. For example, the DSD service was not offered a few years back, and neither was their SEO API tool. And because of their development and constant growth, their customers always know that they would get up-to-date services and results on their websites.


Semalt has been around for a while now (since 2013), and has since then, found its way to the top. Their services and tools are tailored to suit every online business according to their unique needs. And this is to promote their google rankings, improve traffic, increase sales and make more revenue. Though this is not as easy as it sounds, Semalt has managed to continue in this line for a long time, bringing fast and valid positive results to many of its customers. This and many other reasons are why Semalt is still so successful. And though no company is perfect (they have had their bad days), they have cleaned up their mess and devoted themselves to helping every business meet their different needs.